The flagship of the software developed by Microhelp over the last twenty years is the ‘Bonded Warehouse System'.
It completely meets the requirements of the three interested parties for a stock control system aimed at this administratively intense area ; the system holds and reports on the data most important to the warehousekeeper and the owner of the goods and still manages to cover the data and record keeping to comply with all current HM Customs regulations.

With the ability to charge RH&D for LCL cargo by carton, cube, pallet, or weight it is one of the most comprehensive suites on the market. Rent can also be charged out on the same basis with consignment and invoice minima to ensure that the package has a tangible payback.

The system has evolved considerably since it’s first incarnation in 1984, equally capable of handling freestore (Duty paid) stock or consignments subject to Import Duty, VAT, Anti dumping duty and GSP, the system is very simple to operate yet powerful enough to seriously compete with products costing more than several times as much.

The warehouse program does not attempt to address the issue of Excise Duty although we do have experience of writing for these requirements and we would be happy to discuss your business needs.

All Microhelp systems work in synergy to maximise results for your business.

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