CFSP (Customs Freight Simplified Procedure) is a means for importers to advise customs of imports or releases into free circulation. For all but the smallest importers this can be very cost effective, often saving a company thousands of pounds per year.

There are two types of CSFP:
1) Removals from a customs warehouse
2) Supplementary declaration for newly imported goods.
The CFSP system by Microhelp Ltd offers solutions for both of these.


For Importing the following simple calculation will allow you to determine this for yourself:

Cost of import entry - Cost of simplified import clearance x Number of imports per year - Cost of software

The calculation for Warehousing is a little more complex.

Without CFSP, all imported goods must be paid for with Duty and VAT added on top.

With CFSP, goods are paid for, but Duty and VAT are only paid on the actual units that leave the warehouse.

The benefit of this is that it allows cash flow to be controlled more effectively. Also, any returns or sales outside of the EU do not incur any Duty or VAT charges.